A new paradigm effecting neuroplastic changes in Neuroeducation.

A new paradigm effecting positive neuroplastic changes leading to new possibilities and learning outcomes in education.

Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp

Anat Baniel Method Center, San Rafael, California, United States of America

The workshop endeavors to change the teaching paradigm from drill and repetition to a brain-information teaching model: From Fixing to Connecting and the “One Brain” principle, supported by the neuroscience of positive brain change. The workshop offers a novel and highly effective connection-based interaction between teacher and student leading to breakthroughs in learning and behavior. The five-hour workshop will systematically take people through a process of experiential movement lessons, videos, underlying theory, and Q&A. There will be opportunities for participants to share specific challenging situations they experience in their life, or work. They will be guided by the workshop leaders to experiment with, and apply, principles and techniques they have just learned in order to transform the field of possibilities for the learner and for themselves through this newly developed system by Anat Baniel. The situations may be cognitive, interpersonal, emotional, or behavioral involving family, parents, teachers, aids, and special needs children as well as gifted ones.  The presenters of the workshop are Anat Baniel who was an associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She was trained as a clinical psychologist and dancer and utilizes movement and the 9 Essentials she defined as a central source for positive change. Also leading the workshop is Neil Sharp, qualified as a physician at Edinburgh University Medical School and is an Anat Baniel Method trainer and musician.

We have brought this information to your attention as this is a unique 5-hour workshop, and entry will only be allowed for those who have pre-registered and booked participation in advance. Therefore, if you want to participate in the workshop – please email us today ([email protected]) and register for the workshop.


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